In the Words of a TLC Camper

Welcome to the first of a blog series we like to call “In the Words of”. These blog posts will feature the stories of our summer campers and their experiences at Canaan. Our First writer is Terra Adams who joined us last year for our Teen Leadership. So without further ado, here is “In the Words of a TLC Camper”!

What was your favorite part of camp?

My favorite part of camp was waking up in a quite environment before anyone else and having time to think and reflect by the water.  It was nothing like the wave setting on your sound machine that helps you sleep. I also loved having pizza half way through the week. Our group had just finished a cave exploration day and we were wet, tired, and very hungry. The little all you can eat pizza buffet had no idea what hit them! The moment they brought a new pizza out it was devoured in seconds. There were about twenty of us kids and we all ate at least a whole pizza each.

How was your concept of leadership improved?

A lesson I learned from the leadership trip was that a good leader doesn’t always challenge other people’s ideas. A good leader will go along with someone else’s plan and support them even if you think of other ideas. While it is good to share your ideas and thoughts, sometimes it’s just as important to support other people’s ideas.

Did you grow closer to the other teens that went to camp with you?

Throughout the week our group learned each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Through conflict and contrast we were able to work together as a team to accomplish tasks and assignments given to us. You really learned how to help someone where they needed it the most. Like if someone on the trip wasn’t good at hanging up their Eno then you could help them or offer them some advice about how to set it up.

How do you feel camp changed your life?

I think the biggest thing I have learned from being out at camp Canaan is to have patience. The first year as a CIT we did a lot of manual labor. We were told to do countless tasks ranging from cleaning the big green bus inside and out to spreading mulch all over the island. When doing these tasks it would have been easy to complain and whine, but instead I tried having a good attitude and being positive. I realized it was incredibly selfish to complain about a simple task asked of me and that after working hard we got to do fun stuff; like going to the pool or kayaking. I changed how I view work in general, now when I am doing school work or any sort of job I do it to the best of my ability and with a positive attitude. After I had learned this skill I began to notice how much other people complained around me. Having patience came into play when I had to listen to others complain around me who did not yet understand the importance of looking on the bright side. I was able to share my new findings of patience and good attitude with other teens/children and people such friends, family, and youth leaders did notice a change about how I work as unto the Lord and without complaint. Camp Canaan helped shape my entire work ethic for the better and I am extremely grateful

What would you tell other teens about TLC?

On the first night of the TLC, we got into groups of four and inflated huge hot air balloons. To these balloons we taped a piece of paper given to us. And on that piece of paper we were asked to write a goal or something we wanted to know about ourselves after the teen leadership camp was over. On my piece of paper I wrote “Do I have what it takes to be an outdoor leader?” I think in order to really have fun and learn from TLC you have to have a goal or purpose in mind, such as furthering who God has designed you to be or working as a CIT with the goal of one day becoming a counselor. You can’t just do TLC for a fun joy ride up in the mountains. TLC was a very hard but memorable week in my life. I wouldn’t trade it for the world!