Reviews on Canaan

Read from campers, parents, and others.

Laura – Camp Mom

“To my children, Camp Canaan IS Summer! They look forward each year to coming back to reunite with old friends, to build new relationships and be challenged to step outside their comfort zones. Every day is an adventure! As a parent, I value the outstanding staff that directs them and guides them spiritually. It’s great to see the bonding and growth among the campers and counselors from year to year.”

Brandon of KPMG

“Getting out from behind the desk to zip through the trees of Camp Canaan was awesome; it is a day that we will never forget.”

Nikki from First Christian Church, TN

“We so enjoyed our time at Camp Canaan. I’ve already told about the camp to a few people. The place was beautiful and the staff was so friendly. Thank you!”

Mike from Southbrook Church

“The kids approval rating was 100% and we had a blast. I would give every member of your staff 5 stars as they were all extremely kind and helpful in every way. Thank you.”