Bubble Soccer with KnockerBall®

Defy Gravity, Bounce, Flip, & Crash with Ease

A photo taken through a bubble soccer ball. In the distance is a group of people.

Fun for the Entire Family

Looking for a fun outdoor activity to share with your family or a group of friends? Bubble Soccer is it! A hilarious game played like soccer but with the use of inflatable bubbles allowing its players to exert their true physical prowess (or lack there of) on to the other players so lucky to be sharing the field with them. Each participant has their own inflatable bubble that allows them to play a full contact game of soccer that is part football, part pinball and is all fun. The bubbles give everyone his or her chance to defy gravity, bounce, roll, flip, and crash with relative ease and safety. Multiple styles of play keep it interesting and keep everyone on their toes ready to have fun. There are only a few locations offering Bubble Soccer in the Charlotte, NC area and Camp Canaan is proud to be one of them!

Who Can Play Bubble Soccer?

We can accommodate participants from 4 feet to 7 feet tall. There are no age restrictions per se, however we do recommend at least 8 years old to be big enough to support the bubble while running and to have a great time. To really be able to use the KnockerBall® we recommend a height of at least 4’0”. We have 4 small KnockerBalls® for anyone under 5’7”. We have 8 regular sized KnockerBalls® for anyone over 5’7”.

Depending on your group’s size, we can have up to 12 people playing on the field at once. Larger groups are welcome to come in and enjoy the games. Games play for 15 minutes. After that most groups need a breather. We can rotate groups in and out for your session working in different styles of play as we go.


Bubble Soccer 10 MIN.

25 MAX.

Bubble Soccer 


25+  4 HOURS YEAR ROUND $550

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