High Ropes Course

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Two people balance on the high ropes course at Camp Canaan.

Challenge Yourself and Your Team

Looking for a high ropes course near Charlotte, NC? Camp Canaan in Rock Hill has a High Ropes Adventure for you!

Start your High Adventure Course with a Cocoon Tube Net climb and then choose a path of high ropes course elements offering you the right challenge! Our many challenge elements are detailed below. The adventure will finish with either a leap on our auto belay or a 400 foot Single Zipline to exit the course. Participants are able to choose their own challenge and adventure with a variety of elements and levels of difficulties.

The High Adventure Course is a great way for your team to work together while one participant is high above in the course and the other is on the ground giving encouragement and safety checks. If your group is interested in a more intensive team building experience, our Low Ropes Course offers a set of unique and dynamic team building activities designed to strengthen trust and cohesion among your group members.

Suitable for ages 9 and up, and for groups of 10–30 people 3+hours.

This course was made possible by Comporium.

High Ropes Course Elements Include:

  • Tube Cargo Net
  • Single Line Traverse
  • Inclined Bridge
  • Earthquake Bridge
  • Disco
  • Cat Walk
  • Temple of Doom Bridge
  • The Vines
  • Horizontal Play Pen
  • Spider Web
  • Small Swings
  • Pirates Crossing
The view looking down the gravity zip line at Camp Canaan.

Gravity Zip

This 400 ft Zipline is not your standard Zipline. While on belay, you have to climb up a large oak tree using the aid of staples to a platform located 38 ft in the air. You are then greeted by an instructor who will connect you to the Zipline and take you off belay. It is then up to you to take the plunge off the platform to ride high above your friends. This element was made possible by The Chuck Foley Memorial Foundation.

The view from the ground looking up at the giant swing of people swinging.

Giant Swing

The Giant Swing is a high ropes  element that is guaranteed to get your blood rushing! You are pulled up to  25 feet in the air by your “friends” and then…ALL you have to do is pull the ripcord and swing. Guaranteed to make your heart skip a beat. Great for ages 8 and up.

A young girl leaps from a column towards a hanging bar on the Leap of Faith jump at Camp Canaan.

Leap of Faith

With the whole team on belay and the climber in a full body harness, the climber ascends a 30-foot pole. The climber stands on top of the 1 foot wide pole staring at a trapeze which sits seemingly just out of reach. Next, when you think you are ready, you make a leap and attempt to grab onto the trapeze. If you feel like showing your stuff, you can try some pull-ups before letting go and being lowered safely by the belay team.


Ages 10 & Up 15 MIN.

30 MAX

2-3 Hours YEAR ROUND $39 PP

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