Zipline Canopy Tour

Zipline Proceeds Go to Helping Children Attend Summer Camp!

A kid zip lining across a gorge.


The Canaan Zipline Canopy Tour is the perfect adventure for families, corporate outings, leadership development, thrill-seekers and educational opportunities. Designed for guests who are in reasonably good health, our Zipline tour is a thrilling experience for first-timers as well as high-adventure enthusiast. If you’re looking for the best Ziplining near Charlotte, NC, the Canaan Zipline Canopy Tour is where it’s at!

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Use the calendar below to register or visit the Canaan Zipline Canopy Tour website. For Groups of 10 or more, please contact us at 803-327-6932 or email to build your custom zipline adventure.

Ziplining: What to Expect

Your adventure begins by climbing a 70 ft. tower, giving you a bird’s-eye view of the Catawba River and the surrounding areas! After an initial 100-foot zip beside our pool complex, you will glide through 100 year-old oaks, poplars and river birches; traverse a skybridge; hike three short nature trails and finish with a zip through the wild oak forest at the end of the island. While waiting between each zip you will enjoy amazing views from the observation platforms. Canaan guides will point out interesting highlights of the area, including native vegetation, waterfowl and wildlife as well as local history. Learn more about our three different Zipline Tours below.

The Full Canopy Tour

This 2 1/2 to 3 hour exhilarating adventure offers thrill seekers and tree-huggers alike the unique opportunity to ride 9-ziplines through the trees on a network of cables and skybridges suspended high above the forest floor and crisscrossing the beautiful Catawba River. Upon arrival, our friendly and experienced guides will give you a detailed safety orientation before you are outfitted with your equipment for the tour. Minimum weight required 75lbs, maximum weight 265 lbs.

A group of people pose in front of the tower at Camp Canaan.

The Bootleg Tour

This 5 Zipline tour is a perfect introduction to our full-canopy tour at a fraction of the cost! Begin by climbing the 70 ft. tower, then proceed through our first 5 Ziplines and end with a leisurely nature walk back across the island. Tour length is approximately 1.5 hours. Minimum weight required 75lbs, maximum weight 265 lbs.

A man glides down a zip line wearing a red helmet in the pitch black participating in the Night Zip Canopy Tour.

Night Zips

Glow through the trees, crossing over the Catawba River on a guided Nighttime Zipline Tour at Canaan! Ascend the 70 ft. tower and enjoy the sunset as you take your first zip to the Eagle’s Nest. Enjoy the evening wildlife of the Catawba River as Osprey and Great Blue Heron gather their evening meal. Glow materials are provided and guides will instruct and direct you through the Night Zip. The Night Zip Tour begins at 6pm and encompasses our Full Canopy Tour of 9 Ziplines. Minimum weight required 75lbs, maximum weight 265 lbs.


Tour Options Rates
Full Canopy Tour: (9 zip lines, suspension bridge and two nature trails – 3.5 hours. $89 per person
Bootleg Tour (5 zip lines and a nature hike) $65 per person

Group pricing


All nine zips and the sky bridge. The tour begins with a 70 foot tower, run each line over the river and finish off the tour with the 900 foot zip reaching speeds up to 35 miles an hour!

75 – 265 LBS 10 MIN.


2.5 – 3 HOURS
4+ HOURS for
60+ Group Size


Zipline Half Tour Options

The first 5 zips of the course, begins with 70 foot tower and ends with a smooth ground landing. The back tour starts at the sky bridge enjoys 4 zips including our 900 foot zip!


2-3.5 HOURS

10 MIN.

30 MAX

75 – 265 LBS YEAR ROUND $58 PP

2-3.5 HOURS

20 MIN.

100 MAX

75 – 265 LBS YEAR ROUND  $58 PP

Pam – First Time Zipliner

“We did the zip line today for the first time and it was A-Mazing!!! I was hesitant at the first zip and from there on out it just became more and more fun. Our guides, Jarod and Patrick were very helpful, insured our safety but were also great fun. Can’t wait to do it again! Thanks, guys!”