Planning Guide


Tips for Planning a Successful Event

We are excited that you have decided to host your retreat at Camp Canaan. We would like your retreat to be successful and to minimize your stress during the planning process. To aid in the planning of your event we welcome you to schedule at site visit to The Island to become familiar with all that Canaan offers!. Please contact Carrie Williams at to discuss options and set up a visit.

Picking Your Dates

  • Before choosing your retreat dates, make sure the dates you choose do not conflict with other events that people in your group may be attending.
  • If your retreat is going to involve students, keep in mind that there are many school functions including sporting events, clubs, homecoming, etc that could cause a conflict.

Promoting Your Retreat

  • It is in your group’s best interest to start planning your event as far out as possible. We suggest that you start promoting your event at least two months in advance.
  • If possible have key people in your group sign up first and help with the promotion of your retreat.
  • Using popular social media, such as Facebook, can be a useful tool in promoting your event.
  • Be conservative and realistic when planning your numbers.
  • It is very important for the group leader to get a financial commitment from every interested individual upfront. We have found from experience that if you take a non-refundable deposit ($25 for example) from the members of your group they are more likely to stay committed to your retreat.

Sample Retreat Schedule